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Floor Coverings

Market Intelligence Reports and Quarterly Update on Floor Coverings

Our format allows you to order just the data you require for your research project.

The Catalina Floor Coverings Market Intelligence Reports have been the statistical standard for the floor coverings industry for more than two decades. Catalina works closely with industry experts and manufacturers to provide the most reliable data and information on the U.S. and worldwide floor coverings markets. Catalina also has relationships with the industry’s leading associations and trade publications.

So turn to the industry experts to receive market trends and insights into the carpet and area rug, ceramic and stone tile, laminate flooring, luxury vinyl tile and other resilient flooring, and wood flooring markets. Each report includes data and information on market size and growth, domestic shipments and imports, residential and nonresidential demand, retail distribution, factors affecting U.S. demand, exports and world market trends, and company market shares and the competitive environment.

Catalina also offers a Floor Coverings Quarterly Update newsletter to keep you up-to-date with industry trends throughout the entire year. The Catalina Floor Coverings Quarterly Update is the only source for quarterly floor coverings sales data by industry sector. Each issue covers retail sales, installation contractors, product and input price trends, shipments and international trade, and leading competitor sales and profit trends.

See our list of Market Intelligence Reports on Floor Coverings on the right or have one customized to your individual needs.

The data and information will be delivered in a pdf file by email, and the data tables will also be delivered in a spreadsheet format for your convenience for additional analysis and insertion into presentations. Ask us about having Catalina Research deliver a Market Intelligence Report on your industry or market of interest.

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