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Catalina Research announces the release of our new and redesigned website. The new website was designed to make it easier to find your market of interest, and allows you to purchase just the data and information you need for your market research project.  The Catalina Reports are offered in eleven categories for floor coverings, kitchen and bath products, construction materials, building equipment, appliance, and home furnishings.  You can browse the reports by category or click through to the report you need.

Catalina continues to provide the timely data and information required to develop company strategies by creating databases to uncover insights into industry trends.  Our publications include in-depth Floor Coverings and Kitchen and Bath Product Market Intelligence Reports, Quarterly Updates, and Market Size Reports.  You can order complete Market Intelligence Reports and Market Suze Reports by section.  Market Intelligence Reports can have up to eleven sections.  All Market Size Reports are split into four sections-Market Size and Forecast, Source of Supply by Country, End-Use Markets and Exports, and Factors Driving Demand.

All complete reports are emailed with an Executive Summary and a spreadsheet with the data tables.  Market Size Report section orders are sent in a spreadsheet.  Catalina delivers the data tables in a spreadsheet for your convenience for additional analysis and easy insertion into presentations.  All reports provide industry estimates for the current year and a five-year forecast.  Report data is updated annually.

The redesigned website also includes a blog and floor coverings and kitchen and bath product industry data and factors driving demand.  Each month Catalina will review the current trends from one of our Market Intelligence Reports or Market Size Reports, or the findings in one of our Quarterly Updates.  Visitors will also be able to track sales growth trends for floor coverings, kitchen and bath products, and the growth of residential and nonresidential construction spending, housing starts and existing home sales, building material retail sales, and other factors driving demand.

Please browse through the redesigned website at, bookmark the site, and let us know how Catalina can meet your market research information needs.