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Catalina has released a new annual report to track floor coverings sales and distribution channels by region and state since all final floor coverings sales and installation revenues are driven by local economic factors.  Catalina analyses personal income, residential building permits, and nonresidential construction spending to determine how the 2020 pandemic-induced recession has impacted demand for each region and state.  Catalina has tracked spending in the residential replacement, builder, and commercial markets; and sales of retailers, distributors, and installation contractors in order to uncover growing sales opportunities and assist executives to develop plans to increase market share by region and state.  Some of the report’s findings point to these growth opportunities.

  • The South Atlantic and Pacific regions are the most important floor coverings markets. The South Atlantic region benefits from a healthy builder market, and the Pacific region benefits from the relatively high household incomes in these states. During 2020, the South Atlantic and East South-Central markets could have performed the best during this pandemic-induced recession year. These regions received a boost from rising sales in Florida and Alabama.
  • Geographic personal income levels drive sales. Most regions have a relatively high reliance on the residential replacement market, except in the South Central and Mountain regions. These regions have below average personal income levels.
  • The builder market is most important to flooring sellers and installers in the South Atlantic, West South Central, and Mountain regions. Texas and Florida are the leading builder markets as population moves to these low-tax states.
  • Retail sales channels and the retail sales product-mix varies by region. The North Central states rely more heavily on specialty floor coverings retailers, while home centers have made the highest inroads in the East South-Central region. Hard surface flooring chains have an above average share of the New England and Middle Atlantic retail flooring markets.  State with the highest penetration of LVT sales include Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, and Virginia.  Wood flooring has the highest penetration in Colorado.
  • Distributor sales are concentrated in Georgia, California, Texas, Florida, and New Jersey. These states are centers of domestic manufacturing and import entry points. Floor coverings installation contractor revenues in the South Atlantic states benefit from a healthy builder market, and Pacific region contractors prosper since households in these states are less likely to undertake a do-it-yourself floor coverings project.

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers need to use region and state data to uncover growing geographic markets and increase market share in important state markets.

See how the Catalina Report on Floor Coverings Regional and State Markets can provide insights on the actions needed to outperform industry growth and increase market share.  Contact Stuart Hirschhorn to discuss the findings in these pertinent industry reports or visit our website, click on the title, and review the report’s in-depth contents and analysis.