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Kitchen & bath

Market Intelligence Reports and Quarterly Updates on Kitchen & Bath

Our format allows you to order just the data you require for your research project.

Clients have been using the Catalina Market Intelligence Reports to track the number of new and remodeled kitchens and bathrooms; sales of custom, semi-custom, and standard kitchen cabinets and vanities; the shift in countertop material usage; the number of plumbing fixture and fittings installed; and analyze the demand for other products such as shower doors and curtains and bathroom accessories. Catalina provides this in-depth analysis by compiling and analyzing government and proprietary data, and input from experts in the cabinet, countertop, and plumbing products markets. Each report includes data and information on market size and growth, domestic shipments and imports, residential and nonresidential demand, retail distribution, regional markets, factors affecting U.S. demand, exports, company market shares and the competitive environment, and profiles of the leading manufacturers and marketers.

Catalina also offers a Kitchen and Bath Market Quarterly Update newsletter to keep you up-to-date with industry trends throughout the entire year. The Catalina Kitchen and Bath Market Quarterly Update is the only source of quarterly kitchen and bath product sales data by industry sector. Each issue covers domestic sales, U.S. shipments and imports, product and unit price trends, distribution channel analysis, exports, and leading competitor sales and profit trends.

You can also turn to the kitchen and bath market experts for custom reports and consultations to take advantage of the sales and profit opportunities in this industry.

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