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Carpet and Area Rugs

Price: $3,495.00

Publisher: Catalina Research Inc.
Report Number : FC 105
Published : December 2019
Pages : 35 Pages Executive Summaries, 70 Data Tables


Catalina publishes an annual market report on Carpet and Area Rugs. The Carpet and Area Rug report tracks industry sales for wall-to-wall carpet, area rugs, and carpet tile. The report provides a market overview and executive summary; and separate sections on U.S. sales, shipments and imports, end-use markets, consumer demographics, distribution channels, factors driving demand, industry profitability, the competitive environment, and world markets and U.S. exports. The report summary and data tables are emailed in a pdf file.  In addition, Catalina provides an interactive spreadsheet.  Just click on the table in the table of contents and excel will bring you to the exact data you require. The spreadsheet also allows you to use the data in presentations and conduct custom analysis.

The sections of the latest edition are listed below:

  1. U.S. Carpet and Area Rugs Market Trends
  2. Source of Supply: U.S. Shipments and Imports by Major Country of Origin
  3. End-Use Market Purchases
  4. Consumer Purchases of Wall-to-Wall Carpet and Area Rugs and Consumer Demographics
  5. Commercial Purchases of Wall-to-Wall Carpet and Carpet Tile
  6. Distribution Channels: Retailers, Distributors, and Installers
  7. Factors Driving Residential and Commercial Demand
  8. Cost Structure and Profitability of U.S. Carpet and Area Rug Plants
  9. Competitive Environment and Leading Competitor Market Shares
  10. World Markets and U.S. Exports