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Why a Catalina Report?

Catalina Research provides action-oriented executives, consultants, Wall Street investors, and others with in-depth analyses of Floor Coverings, Kitchen and Bath Products, Construction Materials, Building Equipment, Home Furnishings, and related industries.  Report titles are organized into 11 different product categories.  Clients turn to Catalina Research for our expertise on compiling, analyzing, estimating and forecasting data; and offering insights developed from government, financial, and proprietary information to evaluate an industry or market.

Our in-house research effort is supplemented with the input of industry experts on carpet and area rugs, ceramic tile and stone products, resilient and laminate flooring, and wood flooring as well as experts on flooring and kitchen and bath product distribution channels.

These valuable information sources can be delivered on an annual or quarterly basis.  Catalina also provides the option to customize your reports by offering section pricing.  Clients also turn to Catalina Research to develop databases of market trends for a wide variety of building products and services, as well as specialized analyses and forecasts.

All publications are sent by email in pdf.  Catalina also includes an excel file for all report tables for your convenience to conduct additional analysis and insertion into presentations. 

To order a Report or Quarterly Update, click on the title and follow the prompts to the order form and payment option (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). 

Catalina also offers our customers a Corporate Use License for all publications. Please contact us for a license form to begin offering Catalina Reports to all decision makers in your company.