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Mirrors and Picture Frames

Total Mirrors and Picture Frames Report- All Sections

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U.S. Mirrors and Picture Frame Market Sales (1997-2021 estimate, 2026 forecast)

  • U.S. sales and growth analysis
  • Real sales trends
  • Price Index trends
  • U.S. sales by product:
    • Framed and unframed household mirrors
    • Ready made frames and frame parts
    • Framed art


U.S. Source of Mirrors and Picture Frame Supply (1997-2021 estimate)

  • Import shipments versus imports
  • Imports’ share of U.S. sales
  • Imports for the top countries of origin
  • Percent U.S. supply by top country


U.S. Mirrors and Picture Frame End-Use Markets & Exports (1997-2021 estimate)

  • Builders purchases
  • Consumer purchases
  • Commercial purchases
  • Export shipments and growth analysis
  • Exports’ share of U.S. shipments
  • Exports for the top countries of destination


Factors Driving U.S. Mirrors and Picture Frame Demand (1997-2021 estimate)

  • Consumer spending on household decorative items
  • Home furniture store sales
  • Housing starts and existing home sales
  • Housing permits and starts
  • Employment, personal income, and mortgage rate trends
  • Private and public nonresidential building construction spending